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blue veil

Experimental   |  6 min  |  2021  |  HD

Audio language: Spanish  Subtitles language: English  Audio Description: LINK

Amina struggles with the gaze of Islamophobia, from surveillance to the 24-hour news cycle, until she discovers and begins sampling her mother’s tapes. The songs reflect her parent's migration stories and serve as a roadmap to her identity. Through the intersection of music and memory, this hybrid film blurs the lines between surveillance and archival repair. It is indiscernible to know “who is watching who,” but in a world that is watching, Amina chooses how she sees herself.

Dedicated to my ancestors, loved ones  

and a generation of youth silenced by 

Islamophobia. This is a prayer for the 

hearts surveilled. May our truth(s) breathe.


In order of apperance

Marina Ochoa

Etzel Ochoa

Kari Ramírez

Carlos Ortez

Ismael Salazar-Lopez


Writer, Director, Editor 


Shireen Alihaji



Jaime Ballesteros


Camera Operator

Jaime Ballesteros

Ernesto Calixto


Sound Designer

Estevan Carlos Benson



Shireen Alihaji




Estevan Carlos Benson


"Blue Prayer"

Shireen Alihaji



Bernabé Bolaños


"Recordaré / In My Name" Remix

Bernabé Bolaños

Shireen Alihaji


Title Art 

Bernabé Bolaños



Sofi Alihaji

Phoenix DCP


Dedicated to my ancestors, loved ones  

and a generation of youth silenced by 



This is a prayer for the 

hearts surveilled. 


May our truth(s) breathe.

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Islamic Scholarship Fund

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The Gotham

Este Archives

Multimedia Militia 

Empowered Stories

Mila Lazarevic

Dina Provatas



I wanted to give gratitude to work that has profoundly shaped my artistic practice. 

Dr. Su'ad Abdul Khabeer

Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop 

in the United States

Umi's Archive

Dr. Philip Butler

Black Transhuman Liberation Theology

Vigilant Love 

Services Not Surveillance


Barry Jenkins 

The Gaze


W.E.B Du Bois 

The Souls of  Black Folk


Frantz Omar Fanon 

Algeria Unveiled


The Counter-Memorias 

Oral History Project


Studio Museum Harlem

Memories for the Future


Isabelle Hui Saldaña

Archival Repair: Shaping Collective History as Collective Future